Help desk

Titania uses an automated helpdesk system.
Customers can submit a problem or question via email to the helpdesk and will receive a ticket number by email.

To create a helpdesk ticket, you just send an email to
Please enter a short description in the subject field and provide additional information in the message itself. You can attach files to the mail (e.g. printscreens) if needed.
Please also include a telephone number where you can be reached.

After the ticket is created it will be assigned to a staff member, you will get an email once the ticket is assigned.After the ticket is dealt with we will close the ticket and you will get a confirmation mail with information on the actions taken.

Online help Remote Support

The button at the bottom of this text, will allow you to download the Remote Support program of TeamViewer.

Teamviewer is a safe to use program for remote support purposes.

Titania will only provide Remote Support after the client has signed the Service Agreement Remote Support (no charge for the agreement).
Time spent on remote support will be charged (in accordance with the contract).


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