Network management

Titania can manage your network needs in several ways.

You can choose to outsource the total network management to Titania or ask for their help in specific situations.
You could for example let us do a network scan and you will receive a report with the status of the network environment indicating possible issues and advice on how to correct these.

We maintain your complete network:

  • All parts of network management are done by us.
  • Admin work ( create accounts, maintain security model)
  • Backups and restore (you want to check regularly whether the backup really works!)
  • Email servers (Exchange, MDaemon)
  • Security (anti virus, firewalls)
  • Desktop installation (new products, patches)
  • Server maintenance (new patches, disk space monitoring etc).

By having the network management done properly you will have more time to do your own work!

Are you interested in our network management and would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us.


Titania advises on the use of hardware and software by your company.

Our long experience allows us to provide you with a system that is configured and sized for your environment. A system that will function for a longer period without costly expansions.
The products advised by us will of course be supported by Titania and in consultation with the client keep the systems up to date.

Are you interested in and would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us.


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