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Trifact365 is a new solution that can be used with Accountview.

Instead of retyping invoice information you can now just upload the invoice (PDF etc) and Trifact365 will process the invoice and make a proposal for Accountview purchase daybook.

You can correct if needed and the more information is already in Accountview (eg Ledger account) the less work you will have completing the entries. The PDF is also shown on screen so you can verify all information.

Also available is the Authorization option, that will allow only certain staff to approve the invoices given extra protection.

Trifact365 is available with Accountview 10 (in the Caribbean) as it uses the secure Visma Net services.

Are you interested in TriFact365 and would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us.

For Trifact365 you will need Accountview 10 or higher.
Setup must be with the Accountview connection to

A recent browser will be required to work safely.

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